About Me

Welcome to Quills & Typewriters!

In the rare case you haven’t found this blog through my shameless self-promotion on social media, my name’s Alex, I’m twenty-five and I’m a lover of all things literary, arty, historical and environmental. I studied English & Creative Writing at university, so naturally I’m never happy unless I’ve got something to read, ideas to write down, or something new to learn. Expect a fair amount of book reviews from me..

I love sharing thoughts and ideas and although I can be opinionated, (there may be some more serious posts from time to time), I’m also very open-minded, so if you would like me to post about something specific, do let me know!

I love exploring the countryside and visiting historical sites so I would welcome any recommendations of places to visit in the UK or elsewhere in the world! I will write about the places I visit from time to time.

Thanks for visiting and happy reading!